Mainnet Beta

Stake Solana

Stake SOL and receive stSOL while staking




You will receive

Transaction cost and one time rent exemption fees will be deducted from your SOL balance

Exchange rate

Updates at the end of an epoch. Rising exchange rate indicates an appreciation in stSOL value

Transaction cost

Staking rewards fee

Please note: This fee applies to staking rewards/earnings only, and is NOT taken from your staked amount. It is a fee on earnings only. This fee is split between node operators, the DAO treasury, and Lido for Solana developers

Lido statistics

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Annual percentage yield

Annual percentage yield is extrapolated from the price increase over a given period of time.

Total staked with Lido


We do not and cannot indentify individuals; this number is the number of stSOL token accounts with a non-zero balance.

stSOL market cap

What is Lido on Solana?

Lido on Solana is a liquid staking solution for SOL backed by industry-leading staking providers. Lido lets users earn SOL staking rewards without needing to maintain infrastructure and enables them to trade staked positions, as well as participate in on-chain decentralized finance with their staked assets.

Lido on Solana gives you:

  • Liquidity through tokenization — No activation delays and the ability to sell your staked tokens or use them as collateral in decentralized finance
  • One-click staking — No complicated steps
  • Decentralized security — Assets spread across the industry’s leading validators chosen by the Lido DAO
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